How does recovering from Anxiety feels like?

Shift To Happiness

Are you healing? Well, the very moment you questioned yourself about what healing actually feels like is just when you had begun with the process of recovery because you surely perceived a swap within your veins and nerves which made you wonder the signs of retrieval from your sufferings. How could we not ponder this quote by Theodore Roosevelt which says “believe you can do it and you are halfway there”, its the perfect aha! moment to start off with. After an immense suffering, there is nothing better than to reach a point where you pin hopes on rediscovering your inner self, to have a vision for the future, making right choices, accepting who you are and loving every bit of yourself.

Some of the recent evidence showed that monitoring and intensifying the quality of positive mental health is one of the direction to lessen the burden of growing diseases which are associated with mood and anxiety disorders. The experience of anxiety disorder differs from person to person and one may suffer through variety of symptoms such as racing heart, panic attacks, shuddering, spiralling thoughts and sometimes irrationality. The combination of genetic and environmental factors play an utmost role where brain chemistry, too, include comprehensively for the cause of anxiety. Hence, they believe that the areas of the brain which is responsible for controlling fear may be impacted and are focusing in-depth on the parts of brain that involves anxiety.

We all talk about what its like to be in the agony and throes of anxiety but infrequently we talk about what being “in recovery” for anxiety looks like or what it even means. Recovery is so personal to each person struggling and talking about it is just as crucial as talking about the symptoms. However, here are some signs when a person starts recovering: there will be no bouts of anger and more potential to see into the light, being more open and welcoming people’s opinions rather than responding with annoyance, being likely to develop more interest in artistic activities and taking trips with friends or family, feeling more comfortable under the shadows of loved ones, realising self-worth and building self-esteem, looking after health and hygiene, learning to be assertive, exercising and definitely being mindful.

It is all about setting remission of symptoms as the chief goal and not allowing anxiety to take your life away from you. Most of the fret comes from projecting yourself in the future and imagining a bad situation. Therefore, staying focused on now is the only way for the elimination of worry, stress and any kind of anxiety.

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