Perfect happiness

It was great to finally visit the place which was there in my bucket list for so long.
I finally got to spend hours and hours with gentle breeze that whispered into my ears and the freezing snow that left tingling sensations under my feet which i could still feel when i think of it. The most alluring thing about this place was, the secretes hidden all around the curvy mountains and shivering tall trees for souls wanting to discover. It was breathtakingly beautiful experience to actually live for every moment and as i travelled through the alleys, i got to meet more of my innerself. All i could sense was only ecstasy.

No doubt, this place had made me truely fall in love with more of myself;
And may be i was supposed to travel to this place, meet all the beautiful people here and experience the overall beauty with total bliss! Travelling to such space always feels like slipping into my authencity, where the nature always speaks to my soul in a language that i already know, much like a distant lullaby from the womb of peace and solitude. And infact! we all long to seek this sort of serene space that feels like an enchanted respite and a healer.
Cool breeze and silent waves has always been my favourite place to rest and be tucked beneath its higher energy.
I am grateful to be experiencing all of these and nothing but to be just blissed out!

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