Rebuilding Myself!

I realised that i kept running away from the fears hidden deep down in my heart. Fear of getting connected to people again. Fear of loosing them. Fear of getting all weak again.Even Infinite amounts of definitions could not depict, the numbness i felt deep under. I have caused enough pain, ‘Mostly to myself’. I kept Running away from the world with a mindset that a temporary happiness would one day choke me up. But If only I could find the strength to live without fear and be the woman i am within.

How could i not understand that “Happiness” is within me that i failed to notice. But now, here i am finding my ways to be the happiest being on this earth. Loving my ownself. Giving out positive vibrations to the universe around. Doing things that i love the most. I realised that the one should’not expect Peace, Happiness, Love and Purity from others because these are already the qualities of our soul which we just have to perceive. Well, am still learning to live each and every moment of my life. And i am sure, there would be this one day, when i’ll be fearless. When i wont pause, i’ll keep taking steps ahead of another, learning from the worst situations or phases and praising myself for being the better version of ME !

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