Heart-felt peril

Yes, I do speak!

But only the stormy hearts Know what it seeks.

Thousands of souls, they come and go,

They walk away admiring my beauty,

Without even being guilty.

And when I start to spell,

Thats when I feel the hell.

But I wont stop after they leave,

I wont wash away the memories,

Because even the riverd and waterfalls, believe in my stories.

No matter lovely or ugly,

We swim in the same sea,

Waves including the broken ones,

Travel faster than us,

Hitting the strong rocks and stones,

I am full of salty tears,

Which sets them free,

Limitless and immortal,

I am the beginning and end of all the things,

Still I may not be the ocean which connects the soul,

Because they let me suffer,

With the high tides to the core.

Crashing up against the sand,

I crash into many hearts,

Going back in, I know there is none,

Asking me to stand.

Even castles made up of sand,

Flow with me and follows my command.

I guess its just the sky and the moon,

Who live up for me.

Cause I dont find anyone else, caring about the tears hidden in me.

Let me be the waves, That will,

Wash your troubled thoughts and bad sounds,

With every tick in the clock that goes round.

I am drowning so deep and more,

The high tides dont let me kiss the shore.

Now, let me be the waves,

Guiding you effortlessly.

Let me be your joy and happiness,

And love you generously.

In the end, no matter what,

I am still here,



And hoping…

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